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All products are made in Canada and are in compliance with Health Canada standards.

1. How old do you have to be before you can take the drops?

You must have reached puberty prior to taking the drops. There is no age limit and a  women can have completed menopause and still take the drops.


2. Can men take the drops?

Yes. Men do very well on the drops. They are to stick to the same diet, even with a strenuous job.


3. I take various medications. Will this interfere with my weight loss?

As stated in our Medical Disclaimer, consult your physician and/or health care professional before making any changes to your medication. If at all possible avoid oil capsules. We have found that people who have taken or are on diuretics, have little weight loss for the first week but do lose inches. We also have feedback from those on anti-depressant medication who say they are more emotional than usual for 4-5 days. Also, hunger can be a side effect of certain medications. Sometimes this is not overridden by our drops.


 4. It has been 3 weeks and I have not lost weight for 3 days.       Is this common?

Yes. A plateau is when there is stalled weight loss. It often occurs during week 3 and may last 3-4 days. Do not be concerned since the body is balancing itself and you are often losing inches. Consider doing a “Mini Steak Day” if the plateau continues. See Helpful Tips. Weight loss rates often start to decline in weeks 4-5. This is common. Do not panic.


 5. Can I eat my 2 fruits or 2 carbs at the same time and are pickled or dried fish allowed?

 No. Follow the Drops & Diet Protocol exactly as outlined. MAKE NO CHANGES AT ALL.


6. I am a vegetarian. Will the Drops & Diet Protocol work for me?

Yes. Substitutions are allowed to get sufficient protein in your diet. Your weight loss may be less than that of others. Protein substitutions are listed on page 2 f.


7. How do I deal with constipation?

Since you are eating less, this might become a problem especially if you have issues already. It is common not to have a bowel movement for up to 3 or 4 days. Do not panic. If you feel discomfort, take the products you normally would but be sure they are free of sugar. Consult your physician if discomfort arises. Consider taking Phyto-Laxa. See products.


8. Do I keep taking the drops during my menstruation?

Yes. Continue the Drops & Diet Protocol however weight loss may be reduced. It may be desirable to start the drops following your menses.


9. It is day 2 of my “loading” and I am not hungry. Can I skip a binge day?

No. On the second day you already may not feel hungry but eat an increased amount to prevent being hungry for the next 4-5 days.


10. Should I exercise while on the drops?

We do not recommend adding strenuous activities during Phase II, though walking or low impact exercise for 20-30 minutes a day can be done. During Phase III you can increase your physical activity or resume a previous exercise program. Part of a healthy lifestyle includes exercise and there are many benefits both physically and mentally that occur with exercise.


11. What quantity of the recommended vegetables can I eat?

2-3 cups per meal is suggested but you could have more, with your meal, if desired.


12. I initially had some mild headaches when taking the drops.   Is this usual?

A few people have had mild headaches but usually for just a day or two. If this is the case, increase your water intake. If they persist, stop the drops. Consider taking Phyto-Drainol to detox. See products.


13. I have finished my second cycle of drops. Why did I lose less than the first time?

People generally seem to lose the most the first time though additional cycles still have very significant losses of weight and inches. So maximize the potential of that first opportunity.


14. Can I follow this diet without taking the drops?

Absolutely not. A low-calorie diet, such as this one, without the support of the drops, would be harmful to your health and is not recommended. When on the drops you are not just living on the calories you are eating. You are also living on the fat that is being broken down through the ongoing process which is giving you the high weight loss you are experiencing.


15. I’ve been on the drops for 5 days already and I’m constantly hungry. Any suggestions?

If you follow the Drops & Diet Protocol properly you should not feel hungry. Review the entire protocol. Are you eating the proper foods? Did you load properly? Are you drinking enough water? Check for: mint, oils in your body lotions, side effects of medications especially anti-depressants, essential oils, hidden MSG and artificial sweeteners. Consider taking Apple Cider Vinegar.


16. Can I take massages during Phase II or Phase III?

No. Avoid any massages since they disturb the very delicate process that is going on in the body.


17. I have seen similar diets with drops but with additional foods listed. Can I include these?

There are lists which include zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower, red and green peppers and other vegetables as well as additional fruits such as apricots, cherries and plums. We have found when these are included in the diet, you will not lose as much weight. To maximize the full potential of the drops, strictly follow our Drops & Diet Protocol. You can decide for yourself if you will include these foods but realize they will impact your results.


18. If I use more than the recommended 10-15 drops 3 times a day will I lose more weight?

No. Using more drops just wastes product. Also spreading out the drops, for example, taking 6 drops 6 times a day, will not increase your weight loss. 3 times daily is a homeopathic standard.


19. I am on Phase III and my weight is fluctuating a lot.          What is happening?

The most common error is not eating enough food for your body to stabilize. Review the protocol.